Software Distribution

Installing software to the systems manually is the most time-consuming job. Desktop Central MSP allows you to distribute software packages to your clients' desktops from the central console. The software gets installed in the computers without the user intervention. You need to add software packages in Desktop Central MSP by specifying the silent installation options along with the software installable. The software installable will be stored in the Desktop Central Server from where it gets deployed to your clients' computers at the scheduled time.


  • Ability to create package repository. The packages created once can be reused any number of times to install or uninstall the software.
  • Supports installing both MSI & EXE based Applications.
  • Option to copy the installable to the client computers before installing the software.
  • Supports executing pre-installation scripts/commands prior to installation and abort if not successful.
  • Ability to schedule software distribution.
  • Pre-defined applications list with silent installation and uninstallation switches.

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