Course topics

  • 1. Deploying and customizing Log360 for your specific needs.
    1. Understanding your network environment.
    2. Exploring the auto discovery capability and configuring network resources for monitoring.
    3. Fine-tuning Log360's configurations to suit your needs.
    4. A walk-through of the prepackaged components—Reports and alert profiles.
  • 2. Analyzing incidents from your network perimeter.
    1. Use case: Top 5 alerts that you must activate to stop network intrusions.
  • 3. Stopping insider attacks using real-time AD change auditing & UBA
    1. Enabling audit policies in your network.
    2. Use case: Spotting unusual user behaviors and critical AD changes.
  • 4. Data security with file server and SQL database auditing.
    1. Enabling auditing policies in file servers.
    2. Use case: Ensuring confidential data security with file integrity monitoring alerts.
    3. Use case: Ensuring data security with column integrity monitoring.
  • 5. Speeding up incident detection, and resolution using threat intelligence
    1. Top 5 correlation rules that you must enable to detect attacks.
    2. Exploring pre-configured threat alert profiles.
    3. Use case: Using the integrated incident management capability to speed up incident resolution.

Why should you attend this crash course?

Reason 1

Dedicated experts to help you perfectly deploy and configure Log360 to suit your specific needs.

Reason 2

One-on-one sessions with our product experts to get answers to your questions.

Reason 3

A complimentary 45-day evaluator license along with free technical assistance during the evaluation period.

5 Reasons to choose Log360

Quick deployment:

Deploys within minutes, and starts monitoring your network in just a few hours after deployment.

Comprehensive SIEM capabilities:

An all-in-one solution that includes user behavior analytics, threat intelligence, and integrated compliance management in a single console.

Support for log sources:

Supports analysis of log data from over 750 different sources right out of the box. Includes custom log parser to get insights from any human readable log format.

Cloud monitoring:

Analyzes and helps secure IaaS/PaaS such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure, and SaaS applications such as Salesforce.

Streamlined incident management:

Effectively reduces attack dwell time by speeding up incident resolution. Tracks incidents using the built-in ticketing system and integration with central help desk tools.


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