Network Device Management Tool

It is not an  easy task to manage hundreds of network devices. Although network monitoring tools help in managing devices to a considerable extent, too many network device management tools can prove to be expensive and time-consuming. ManageEngine's Network Configuration Manager tool serves as a single solution for network issues by offering an automated device management for multiple network devices and device types. Network Configuration Manager provides complete device management with:

  • Automated Backups
  • Change management in Real-Time
  • Configlets
  • Compliance auditing
  • Disaster recovery

 Reduce device down-time with automated config backups: 

              In an organization, it is mandatory to take backups of network configurations to reduce down-time of network devices during an outage. Network Configuration Manager helps you to perform backup operations to restore configurations during a Network disaster. It also helps to compare two configurations which comes in handy to fix faults in a configuration leading to an optimized network performance. 

You can backup configurations of multiple devices/device in three ways:

  • Manual backups - Take backup of configurations on a single click for an instant backup operation on the selected network devices.
  • Scheduled backups - Network Configuration Manager offers the flexibility to specify a time to perform backups, making it easy for admins to manage Network devices.
  • Syslog based backups - NCM triggers automatic backups on files after a change is made, and sends notifications on the change.

Network Configuration Manager helps you to access the backups anytime by easily locating the files using the device name/type.

Network Device Manager - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager


Change management in Real-time: 

Imagine a scenario, where there are a lot of network admins, operators and users. In such a case, it is difficult to manually check configuration changes since it can be extremely tiresome and time-consuming. This can be resolved with Network Configuration Manager as it helps to track changes immediately with change management and generates a change report for every device. 

By  enabling change detection on Network Configuration Manager :

  • Get notifications on who made the configuration change
  • Get Time and date of change
  • Take configuration back-ups once the changes are saved.

Network Configuration Manager also sends syslog messages, every time a change is detected.

Network Device Management Tools - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

Automation using Configlets: 

Device Management on Network Configuration Manager has been taken to another level of optimization by using command scripts called Configlets. Configlets are available as templates for various purposes that can be executed in multiple devices at one go. Network Configuration Manager provides customization options to create commands suiting your requirements. Configlets can be executed to:

  • Fix malfunctioning devices
  • Upload configuration files on different devices at one go
  • Execute sequence of commands in multiple devicesNetwork Configuration Manager also helps users access configlets directly  from 'Snapshot' page of every  network device.

Network Device Management Software - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

Network compliance: 

Stay compliant with current day industry standards like HIPAA, SOX, PCI with Network Configuration Manager, Secure your network using compliance templates and 

  •  Fix vulnerabilities in the network
  • Prevent loop holes in a Configuration
  •  Avoid legal consequences  

Network Configuration Manager also lets you create internal compliance policies thereby paving way to complete device management free from vulnerabilities.

Network Device Configuration Management - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

Disaster Recovery: 

Don't let disasters like network outages and security breaches affect your network's performance. Network Configuration Manager provides effective disaster recovery by backing up configuration files or the entire data base. Apart from this, Network Configuration Manager also helps you to:

  • Upload Baseline configuration as the running configuration during a network outage
  • Sync running and start-up configurations to avoid loss of information during a disaster
  • Roll back configurations to previous version when an undesirable change happens to the configuration
  • Back up and export configuration files to your local device to use during a network crash.

Network Device Management Solutions - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager