Network Discovery Tools

What is a network discovery tool?

The size of networks these days range from a minimum of few hundred devices to hundreds of thousands of devices. This makes network management a job that is easier said than done. Network discovery tools allow network administrators to discover the devices in their network for monitoring and maintenance. 

Need for a network device discovery tool:

  • Continuous monitoring and maintenance: A small network issue could result in millions of dollars worth of business losses. Hence, it is important to monitor the devices in the network continuously with the help of a network discovery software for which the devices in the network need to be discovered as a first step.
  • Reducing repetitive and labor intensive tasks: Networks these days scale each day at an exponential rate. Hence it is highly impossible to manually add every new device that is being installed in the network to the network device disocvery software.
  • Keeping the network monitoring tool updated: Statistics say that the average number of changes made to a typical enterprise network is 1000. The number could be even higher considering your business size. Whenever changes are made to a network device (say, a new interface is added or an existing one is removed), the same must be reflected in the windows network discovery tool to keep it updated. Given the size and scalability of the networks these days, network discovery tool helps in this process by rediscovering the devices periodically / whenever a change is made

OpManager - the network discovery software for enterprise networks:

OpManager's network device discovery tool comes power-packed with powerful and robust features that are aimed at making the network discovery process simpler, less time-consuming and much more effective. These features include :

  • Discovery Profiles - Simplify the discovery process and extend it to a wide range of network devices. 
  • Discovery Schedules - Avoid repetitive manual discovery process by automating it.
  • Discovery Reports - Gain powerful insights about your network whenever a discovery is done.
  • Device Templates - A set of pre-configurations for discovery that make monitoring easier.
  • Discovery rule engine - A powerful automation feature to make both discovery and monitoring more efficient.

End your network discovery woes with Discovery profile

Discovery Profile in OpManager is the one stop solution to your network discovery needs. With Discovery Profile, you can discover individual devices using their name / IP Address; perform bulk discovery; discover variety of devices like VMware, Hyper-V, UCS , Xen servers; discover storage devices ( RAID, TapeLibrary, FCSwitches ), perform layer2 discovery and much more.

Network Discovery Tool - ManageEngine OpManager

Highlights of Discovery Profile feature: 

  • Bulk discovery : Need to discover multiple devices but hate typing them one by one ? No worries ! Just enter the start and end IP from the range of IP addresses and OpManager will discover the devices in the particular IP range. You can also choose to ignore certain devices in the specified IP range.
  • Discovery of devices of different types : OpManager's network discovery tool supports multiple authentication credentials including SNMP v1, v2, v3, WMI, SSH, telnet etc which help in discovery of different types of network devices such as Windows Servers, VMware, Xen Servers, RAID storage devices and much more... You can add more than one credential to a discovery profile to discover devices of different types in one go.
  • Discover interfaces: While configuring a discovery profile, you can also specify OpManager to discover the interfaces associated with the device(s).
  • CIDR based discovery: You can use either the V4 or the v6 scheme to discover devices using CIDR.
  • Bulk discovery using CSV: Have a IP Addresses that need to be discovered ? Just add them to a .csv file ( along with other optional information about the devices ) and upload them. OpManager will take care of the rest !
  • Rediscovering devices: If your server just went through a hardware upgrade, you need not remove it from the monitoring tool and add it again for the changes to be updated. OpManager allows you to rediscover a network device after you make changes to it. This process automatically updates the device information without the need for reconfiguration.

You can read more about the various methods of discovery in OpManager, the linux network discovery tool, here.

Automate network discovery using Discovery schedules

No more running to your network monitoring tool every time you add a device to your network - OpManager's discovery schedule has got it covered for you. Just create a discovery schedule, specify a time interval in which you want the discovery to happen again and the discovery process will automatically happen in the specified time frequency. 

Network Discovery Software - ManageEngine OpManager

How discovery schedule simplifies network discovery:

  • Automate the network device discovery process : Create the schedule once, and it will run automatically in the time interval specified. This saves a lot of manual effort.
  • Schedule the discovery of not just devices but also the associated interfaces: While scheduling a discovery profile, OpManager provides an option to discover the interfaces associated to the device profile. Every time a discovery schedule runs, it is not just the device but also the interfaces associated with it that will be discovered automatically.
  • Schedule Layer2 discovery: Layer2 discovery helps you discover new devices added to your network by performing the discovery operation through a core router / seed device in your network. The discovery tool allows you to either execute a Layer2 discovery immediately or schedule a Layer2 discovery which can be configured to run at a particular time interval.

Get deep insights with powerful reports after each network discovery operation

OpManager''s discovery tool comes with a powerful reporting feature which can be used to track and analyze the network discovery process.

Free Network Discovery Tools - ManageEngine OpManager

  • You can email specify an email address to which a detailed report of the discovery process will be sent and OpManager will send an email with a copy of the discovery report attached to the specified email address after every discovery process. 
  • You also have the option to customize the format of the email by mentioning your own custom subject line and message. 
  • The report includes the total number of devices found in the specified range, number of devices successfully discovered, number of undiscovered devices and other important information that will help you drill down into the efficiency of the network discovery process. 

Don't just discover devices. Make them monitor-ready !

Network discovery is not just about adding the new devices in your network to the network device discovery software. It is also about making those devices monitor-ready. OpManager provides 2 powerful functionalities - Device Templates & Discovery Rule Engine that can elevate the purpose of your discovery tool from just discovering devices to making them monitor ready:

Device templates - Pre-configurations that save time and effort during monitoring

Network Device Discovery Tool - ManageEngine OpManager

  • OpManager comes with 8000+ device templates to which the devices that are discovered are automatically associated. A device template is a set of pre-defined properties ( such as sysOid, device type, vendor, few pre-configured monitors etc ) for a particular device type.
  • When a device is discovered, OpManager's windows network discovery tool compares it with the 8000+ device templates and associates it with one of them. The device template contains certain basic information about the device such as device type, vendor etc.
  • The device template also contains certain basic monitors, pre-define threshold values for different parameters etc. Thus, when a device is associated with the device template, the essential configurations that are required for monitoring the device such as threshold values, monitors etc are added to the device. You can allow OpManager to monitor the device with these settings or you can edit these settings via the device snapshot page.  
  • You can also create custom device templates or import device template into OpManager.

Discovery rule engine - Discover the power of automation in network discovery

Network Device Discovery Software - ManageEngine OpManager

  • OpManager's network device discovery tool comes equipped with a discovery rule engine which helps in further leveraging the power of automation in the network discovery process.
  • The discovery rule engine automatically associates monitors / business views to a device during discovery if the discovered device satisfies a set of pre-defined conditions. Thus the need to manually associate the basic monitors to a device after discovery is eliminated. This saves a lot of manual effort and time. 
  • You can use the discovery rule to associate different type of monitors like process monitors, service monitor, file / folder monitor, url monitor and much more. 
  • You can also use the discovery rule engine to associate your own custom monitors to devices during the discovery process.
  • The power of discovery rule engine is not limited to merely assigning monitors based on certain conditions during discovery. It can also be used to associate a device to a business view and to associate a notification profile to the device. 
  • To view more about discovery rule engine, click here

The discovery rule engine and device templates save a lot of manual time and effort that might otherwise be spent in configuring the individual post their discovery in order to enable them to be managed by the network monitoring tool.

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