ServiceNow integration with OpManager

OpManager offers out-of-the-box integration with ServiceNow. This enables automatic incident logging for specific network faults from OpManager. ServiceNow integration helps you identify and respond faster to IT performance issues. The contextual alerts reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR). Bi-directional data synchronization between OpManager and ServiceNow ensures effortless alert management in real-time. Streamline IT management by automating problem resolution and take control of your network alerts with ServiceNow integration.

OpManager leverages ServiceNow integration to help you:

Automated fault management

Integrating ServiceNow with OpManager allows you to create incidents (tickets) for any alarm raised based on pre-defined thresholds. When a fault is detected in your network, an event occurs and multiple events correlate to trigger an alarm. OpManager can be configured to notify the network administrator or perform automatic actions based on the alarm raised for a device using the notification profile. The raised ticket can be assigned to the appropriate team or technician automatically based on priority. This reduces the time spent on gathering outage details and manually assigning them. The entire process of categorizing and assigning tickets based on priority and pre-defined error condition helps you streamline alert management.

  • ServiceNow OpManager alarms | OpManager ServiceNow integration
  • ServiceNow alarms | OpManager ServiceNow integration

Tackle and troubleshoot network outages

ServiceNow can be configured to reopen the same ticket when the alert reoccurs. This prevents unnecessary incident creation and helps you identify the issue and resolution of performance problems along with the incident status and details of the technician who handled the ticket. You can automatically create, update and close tickets in ServiceNow which will be reflected in OpManager. Alert acknowledgment in OpManager automatically updates the incident in the ServiceNow portal. Using OpManager actions, you can also permit an agent to directly access the device snapshot and alarm snapshot of a device synchronized to OPM. This offers a single centralized monitoring interface for end-to-end alert management across your IT infrastructure.

  • ServiceNow incidents | OpManager ServiceNow integration
  • ServiceNow alarms | OpManager ServiceNow integration

Simplified asset management

Integrating ServiceNow with OpManager simplifies asset management. You can identify which business service or unit gets affected the most for an incident. When a device is synced from OpManager to ServiceNow, it is added as an asset. When the particular device malfunctions or violates the specified threshold value configured in the associated notification profile, an incident will be raised in ServiceNow and the particular asset will also be mapped to the ticket. RAM and memory details of an asset will be synced and can be viewed with ServiceNow.

  • ServiceNow asset management | OpManager ServiceNow integration


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