vSphere performance monitoring

vSphere refers to VMware's suite of products that help in creating and managing Virtual Machines (VMs) in a network environment. The vSphere suite is made up of four main components to provide an integrated virtual machine hosting platform:

  • ESX/ESXi hypervisor

    , the software that functions as the virtualization server
  • The vCenter server

    , used to manage VMware environments
  • The vSphere client

    , used to manage VMs in that hypervisor
  • VMFS

    , the file system component from VMware

OpManager helps you monitor vSphere environments proactively, and also keeps you constantly updated about your network's performance. With built-in support for virtual device monitoring and management, threshold-based monitoring and instant alerts, managing your virtual network can never become easier.

How can OpManager help you with vSphere performance monitoring?

OpManager provides dedicated support for monitoring your VMware environment. Apart from discovering your entire virtual network at once and enabling you to manage it seamlessly, it also provides you real-time alerts on what's happening in your network. Here's a brief description of what OpManager can do as a vSphere monitoring software:

Discover all hosts under vSphere client at one go:

With OpManager's bulk discovery, you don't have to manually add every VM in your network. Simply add your vSphere client and provide the credentials, and OpManager will automatically discover all hosts and VMs under it. All details related to the vCenter, such as total number of datacenters, clusters, hosts, VMs and Datastores will be displayed in the snapshot page of the vCenter client.

VMware vSphere Monitoring Tools 


Monitor VM performance in real-time:

With respect to vSphere monitoring and performance, OpManager displays all vital performance stats from your vCentre environment such as memory, disk and CPU utilization, Process count and Partition specific usage details, all from the ease of a single snapshot page. Have a tab on your virtual network's performance in real-time, and optimize network usage to get the best out of your virtual resources.

vSphere Monitoring & Performance 


Automate fault management with Workflows:

Now, don't worry about your VMs going down when you are not at your desk, or if you're not available at work. Set up a counter-action with our Workflows feature, and OpManager does the work for you. You can execute a range of functions, right from powering up or down your VM, rebooting or shutting down your Guest OS or even refreshing your datastore.

Monitor vSphere Performance 


Advantages of using OpManager for vSphere monitoring:

  • Easy and quick discovery.

    Instead of having to add every VM/Host manually into your network, you can use OpManager's in-built vSphere discovery to add all your hosts and VMs at once.
  • Reduced complexity in management.

    You can start managing all your hosts and VMs from OpManager itself, eliminating the need to switch between different tools to monitor your network's virtual components.
  • Monitor your vSphere environment in real-time.

    With real-time performance stats and keeping your network performance in check with vSphere performance monitors, OpManager proves to be the best vSphere monitoring tool among all other VMware vSphere monitoring tools.
  • Automatic L1/L2 troubleshooting.

    Using OpManager, you can set up workflows for issues frequently occurring in your VMs, and they can be resolved with minimal human interaction.
  • Instant Email/SMS notification.

    With other tools, there is a chance that you might miss out on important changes in the network. OpManager ensures that you are informed of every change in your vSphere network, by providing alarms for all VMware-related events. You can set specific notification profiles to get alerts about events in your network through various media like mail, text messages or web alarms in the UI. You can also set specific commands, programs or workflows to be executed, or even log a ticket in ServiceDesk Plus.
  • Comprehensive reports.

    OpManager provides you with complete information about your vSphere's performance by the use of advanced reporting. Now, know the timeline of your virtual network's performance, and get crucial stats such as Datastore-VM mappings and idle VMs in your network so that you can reallocate these unutilised resources to maximum efficiency.
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